High School Students Start Club That Targets New Kids Eating Alone…For The BEST Reason!

Denis Estimon, a senior at Boca Raton Community High School in Florida, knew all too well how it felt to be the new kid. He arrived in the United States from Haiti in the first grade, and when he noticed that other students were eating alone, wanted to do something to help them out.

When most new students don’t make a new friend at first, they eat their lunches alone…and Estimon knows that there are plenty of friendly students on campus. No one should eat alone – especially in a high school with 3,400 kids!
He, along with three other classmates, started a club called “We Dine Together” that aims at making introductions between students. How do they do it? During their lunch hour, they roam around the courtyard and look for any kids who are eating alone and simply introduce themselves! They get to know the students are their interests, allowing them to find others who might enjoy eating with them too.

To me it’s like … if we don’t try and go make that change, who’s going to do it?” he said.

The club consists of dozens of students who make it a priority to reach out to new students and students that are isolated during lunch time, building friendships and making new students feel included whenever they can!

The club has inspired other campuses to do the same, and hopefully, it means that more kids will be able to share their lunch time without worrying about eating alone.

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