High School Senior Brings Graduation Celebration To Hospital For Father Battling Terminal Cancer

When the Bailey family realized that their father wouldn’t be able to attend his youngest daughter’s graduation ceremony, her old sister decided to do something BIG.

Their father had been admitted to the hospital for terminal cancer just weeks before and it was impossible for him to attend the official ceremony. Hollie Bailey’s friends stepped up to the challenge and got the school involved. Together, they staged an early ceremony so that her father could see his daughter graduate.

Their father was a fighter and had planned to show up – “even if I’m in a wheelchair,” he’d said – but the doctor’s said that it would be impossible. But those same doctors wanted to help.

The hospital worked together with the school and the Bailey family to host a surprise graduation ceremony – the hospital even provided a graduation cake and secured a flower donation!

Their father was so proud of his little girl and was grateful to have been apart of her milestone achievement. The sweetest part? Hollie and her father had no idea!

We turned Baptist Health Floyd Hospital into a high school for the night!!! It was a blessing for all of us to witness such a magical moment,” her older sister wrote.

Her family, boyfriend, and best friend had arranged everything without letting on about their big secret! He may be fighting against esophageal and liver cancer, but he wasn’t going to let that get in the way of enjoying his daughter’s big day!

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