“Hideous Cat” With Broken Jaw Finds Love After Surviving Near-Death Experience

When Nicodemus was found, the Stray Rescue of St. Louis thought that he was nearly dead. The chances of his survival were incredibly slim, but they weren’t going to give up, even thought he seemed absolutely hopeless.

He suffered from a broken jaw and a debilitating disease, but they went forward with surgery anyway. His top and bottom jaw turned out to be broken, and he was FIV+. The operated and helped him to recover, but they knew it would take a lot of time and devotion for him to pull through.But after two months of therapy and a lot of cuddles from volunteers, he was finally healthy enough to be put up for adoption…but they didn’t actually have much hope. While he was healed, he was still a fright to look at. Rough around the edges, missing patches of fur, a disfigured face, eyes, and ears…he was a sight to behold. They posted his picture and told his story, but weeks went by with no interest. People just weren’t ready to take home a cat like him with medical concerns on top of his outward appearance.

Then, out of nowhere, a woman came by and asked to see Nicodemus by name! She had seen his story on Facebook and just knew that he would be the perfect cat for her! He was rough around the edges, but his cuddly demeanor quickly won her over! It just proves that old saying: “never judge a book by its cover!”

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