Hey DIY Scratch-Off Art Is So Easy – And Perfect For Rainy Day Fun Indoors!

In some places, scratch-off art sheets can get pretty pricey…but one woman found a way to make them herself with only three ingredients! It was quick, fun, and the results are stunning! This type of product can be calming to work on and often helps to reduce stress. A lot of people were excited to see this method work out so well and have been doing this project nonstop!

All you need is hand soap, acrylic paint, and a choice between oil pastels OR waxy crayons. (This won’t work with markers!)

First, use the crayons or pastels to create a pattern using different colors.

Second, mix the acrylic paint with a few squirts of hand soap and paint two light layers on top of the colored pattern.

Finally, let it dry!
All that’s left to do is scratch off your designs! Use a tooth pick or any other thin, blunt tool to create detailed lines. You can doodle, spell out a message, draw a picture…or pass time creating fun designs! When you’re done, blow away the pieces that have flaked off.She used this method to create a birthday card, a phone case, and this incredible mandala doodle!

Others who tried this product suggested using a clear coat of ModPodge to seal the designs and protect them from getting scratched in the future. What do you think about this project?

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