He’s Waiting For A Client On The Beach…When He Sees A Man Filling Plastic Bags With Garbage. His Reason? Incredible.

If you didn’t know, the picture below is of Cape Town, South Africa. It’s got a beautiful shoreline, and many tourists come every year to admire the view and enjoy the beauty of the city. Nice, right? I would visit.


Jay Margolis was in the middle of his work day when he noticed something strange. It was so strange, in fact, that he pulled out his phone and took a picture.


A young man was collecting trash in plastic bags and hauling them up, two by two, to a trash bin at the top of the rocks. He puts the trash near the bin and heads back down. Jay stood there for about 15 minutes, and to his surprise, the young man came back with two more bags full of trash!

He leaves for the meeting with his client, but when he returns 45 minutes later, the young man is still collecting and hauling trash!

He waits for the man and asks for permission to take this picture.3.14a11

Jay thought this entire process was incredible, and after he heard what the man had to say? He immediately put it on Facebook, and so far, over 40,000 people have shared this story! The man is being contacted with job offers even now!3.14a10

This is not what many of us would choose to do with our free time. Cleaning up after strangers is something that we do if we have to, not something that we do because we want to. This guy deserves all of the job offers! With a heart like that, he’ll go far in life!

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