He’s Probably Cursed Now. This Guy Discovered A Ouija Board UPSIDE DOWN In The Walls!

The Ouija board has been used to “contact spirits” from beyond the grave for over 100 years, and other methods were used long before the product was marketed towards the general public. Holding a seance with friends was a common party game in the mid 1800s, and by the early 1900s, mediums and a patented board were everywhere.

But a previous tenant apparently didn’t have such a great experience with one of these mystical boards and thought it necessary to take drastic measures. Behind a sealed air vent, a contractor found a Ouija board placed upside-down. It was sealed in with plaster, cardboard, and wedged behind concrete. They really didn’t want this thing to ever be found.7.11a1

People have narrowed the time frame to an earlier edition due to the fonts used on the board,  because of the use of the phrase, “Mystifying Oracle,” and because of when the vents were placed into the house. But of course, they can’t be sure.

We might know when it was made, but we can’t be sure why it was hidden away in a wall. Perhaps the previous owner bothered a particularly vengeful spirit, or maybe got an answer that hit too close to home.7.11a2

The general consensus is that he should take it to a priest, burn it, and toss a tub of salt on the ashes…just to be sure! Being haunted by an angry demon doesn’t sound very fun at all.

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