‘He’s Just A Really Nice Kid!’ Strangers Donate $100,000 To Give New Zealand Boy A New Smile

Evan Hill’s teeth were too big to let him close his mouth, and the bullying and teasing were just too much to bear. In 2011, his family asked for help. Thousands of strangers heard his plea for help and came to the rescue, donating over $100,000 for the boy to afford monthly visits to an orthodontist.

Before they realized that the donations were being made, the family was not sure what to do. They knew that they would need to get the dental work done for the good of their son’s future, but it meant that most likely, they would need to mortgage their house to do so. Then, donations came pouring in…and Evan’s days of being “rabbit boy” were soon to be over.Over the next five years, he would see an orthodontist every few weeks. The amount of work that needed to be done was extensive and costly, but thanks to the kindness of strangers, there was finally a solution to his problem. The day arrived when Evan’s braces would come off, and he was proud of his new smile.The total cost of the procedures ended up being less than the donated amount, so his family has decided to donate the remaining funds to a charity that helps other needy children get the dental care that they need.

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