He’s Having The RIDE Of His LIFE…Until He Sees The State Trooper Flashing His Lights! His Quick Thinking Is Too Clever!

When those terrifying red and blue lights start flashing in the rear view mirror, panic can quickly set in! I check my speed, I check to see if my headlights are on, and I check to make sure I didn’t just run a stop light…again. Those dreadful minutes that drag between the time you pull over and the time it takes the officer to walk over to the window are awful, and I absolutely hateĀ them! While some of my friends can brag about how they “talked” their way out of a ticket, I have never been quite that lucky. This guy? This guy takes the CAKE!


This has got to be the funniest “get out of ticket” card that I’ve ever heard! And apparently, the same goes for that State Trooper! I’d love to use this one, but during those frantic moments when the officer asks me “do you know why I pulled you over,” I can’t think of anything to say. At all. It seems that some people have been given a gift when it comes to stressful situations! The day I make a cop laugh is the day that the world ends, with my luck. This joke is just so funny!

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