He’s Got Cerebral Palsy, But That Didn’t Stop Him From Landing His DREAM Job!

Keith Gieser had always dreamed of working in security, but living with cerebral palsy gave him very limited choices. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t give up on his dream and kept searching for a way to make it happen. Through a program that helps disabled people find meaningful employment, he was able to get into contact with the¬†Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida about a job in security. He couldn’t believe it!

While his mobility and speech is limited, he is able to use a program that allows him to speak through an automated system. He is able to put his skills to use, spotting suspicious behavior and alerting management when things don’t seem quite right. He uses the speech system to communicate with guests, give them directions about the security screening ahead and answer any questions that they may have before they enter the stadium.¬†When management considered his application, they took into account his passion for the field and how best to use the skills that he had to offer and knew that he would be great for this job.

Gieser is now going through a management program that will allow him to continue moving up in his chosen field as long as he is able. He landed his dream job, and he doesn’t plan to quit anytime soon!

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