HERO Trooper Crashed Into A Drunk Driver On PURPOSE Leaving One Dead. The Aftermath Is Chilling…

Arkansas State Trooper 1st Class Moomey was dispatched at 3:30 a.m. one morning when concerned drivers noticed that a car was driving on the wrong side of the highway. Trooper Moomey was in the area and didn’t think twice about trying to stop the driver and save the lives of others who might be traveling on the road.

The driver, a 24 year old man, was drunk.

That didn’t stop Trooper Moomey from trying to stop the car. He had a split second to decide, and even though he knew he might not survive the encounter, he collided head-first with the drunk driver in order to stop him from causing injury and death to other drivers in oncoming traffic.

The drunk driver died as a result of the crash, and Trooper Moomey was in critical condition after being trapped in his patrol car for over an hour. Rescue teams peeled back the roof of his vehicle in order to free him from the wreckage, and he was rushed to the emergency room to be treated.8.24a21

Moomey suffered two broken legs, a broken ankle, a broken pelvis, broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken wrist and fractured vertebrae. After four surgeries, he is expected to survive, and his community cannot thank him enough for his deliberate choice to stop a dangerous drunk driver from causing harm on the road.

His story reminds us to keep our friends and family from driving drunk. Many times, they make it home…but at other times, they won’t, and they might put the lives of others at risk in ways that just aren’t fair.

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