Hero Military Dog Gets The Recognition He Deserves In This Bittersweet Farewell

Cena worked for years with the Marines in a prestigious position. When it was time to say goodbye to the loyal black labrador, the people around him weren’t going to hold back.

The 10-year-old dog had worked as a bomb sniffer and survived fire fights with the Taliban while in service. His owner, Lance Corporal Jeff DeYoung, credits Cena with helping him work through his post-traumatic stress syndrome as a constant companion. DeYoung remembers huddling together with Cena while they were under fire, and was devastated to learn that he would have to say goodbye to his constant companion.
DeYoung had known Cena for his entire adult life, from the time he was 19 overseas to the present, and finally saying goodbye was heartbreaking.

But Cena was diagnosed with bone cancer, and even the smallest everyday tasks had become too painful. They knew it was the end, and DeYoung was going to make sure that Cena was given the highest respects in light of his service to the Marines.

Cena was surrounded by hundreds of people who came to give him a final farewell, getting plenty of love and cuddles as he was wheeled around in a cart before finally passing away peacefully. His last day was filled to the brim with happiness and honor.

Hundreds thanked him for his service, and now, thousands more are celebrating his life.

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