Hero Cat Saves Children From Rattlesnake Attack

One day in Orlando, Florida, a black and white (accurately named Oreo) has become a local hero for his quick reflexes and protective actions when a Diamondback rattlesnake dared to venture too close to his humans.

The cat, Oreo, was raised by the family’s 10-year-old. They knew that Oreo was loyal, but they never realized just how loyal he could be until that fateful day. The children had been playing outdoors while Oreo kept watch. The cat was never far from the children, and while their parents thought that the family cat was “just playing,” they quickly realized that Oreo had been keeping watch all these years for a reason.

When Oreo started acting strangely, the children noticed…and when Oreo pounced into the grass, the children realized what had happened.The snake had slithered too close and Oreo jumped into action to save them from being bitten only to be bitten himself! They rushed Oreo and his swelling leg to an animal hospital. He was treated for the bite, but still has a long road to recovery in order to keep his leg.

While Oreo fights to get better, the family now knows that their cat is more than “just a pet.” Their little Oreo is a hero.

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