Here’s What 14 Hours And 116 Layers Of Nail Polish Looks Like! In Case You Were Curious.

Cristine has a Master’s degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology. She has a full-time job as a crime statistics analyst, but she has a hobby that has scored her millions of views and incredible internet fame: nail art tutorials. Her sarcasm and dry humor has propelled her through the ranks of other YouTube and Instagram stars, and one particular video has gone viral…you’ll see why.

She has a wall of nail polish behind her in every video, and there may thousands up there – we have no idea and can’t possibly count them all. Her subscribers began challenging her to “use them all,” and one Sunday, she decided to try and make their dreams come true. She had no idea that it would become a monster of a project that would last for 14 hours.

She started at 9:45 AM, but didn’t have the patience for all of those layers to dry. Instead, she piled them on, one after another until they started to drip off of her fingers. She knew that she would have to start over and allow each layer to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. She was not excited, but didn’t want to let her fans down. She continued, but not with as much enthusiasm. Just look at that face!

Eventually, she gave up after 116 layers of polish – not even close to using her entire collection. It was still an incredible accomplishment, and she named it #PolishMountain, not realizing that there was a mountain already named Polish Mountain. She is amused that a Google search for Polish Mountain is half pictures of the actual mountain, and half pictures of her science experiment.

I think it’s hilarious, and now I don’t have to wonder what it might look like to have all of the nail polish on my fingers at once. It’s hideous, but also amazing. Love it.

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