Here’s The Reason You Should Grab A FORK The Next Time You Need To Hang A Painting

Need a quick hack to hang your pictures? Tired of trying (and missing) to hang a picture on a tiny nail without it leaning left or right? This crazy trick is so simple…you’ll never hang another portrait without grabbing a fork from the kitchen!

It’s so easy. Wedge the prongs of a fork over the nail you wish to hang something from. It should stand straight up by itself, and the angle will help you to slide the picture on easily.11-28a11Place the string over the fork and slide the picture down. Yes, it is that simple, you’re welcome. Straighten the portrait and admire your handiwork.11-28a12Remove the fork and see your glorious cat picture (probably) hang perfectly level without wasting precious minutes trying over and over to get the string over the nail.11-28a13“This doesn’t work on pictures with hooks instead of strings.”

Yes, it totally does. Use the fork as a huge target to get the picture directly over the nail. It won’t slide snugly onto the nail, but you won’t be guessing blindly for minutes at a time! Hooray!

Have you seen this neat life hack? And will you use it? Either way, we think it’s pretty neat!


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