Here’s How Much (Or How Little!) Exercise You Need To Burn 100 Calories…And 8 Ways To Do It!


That’s what most of us think when we see the numbers displayed on a scale. Our doctors say to lose weight, but that’s a lot harder than it sounds. So, most of us just don’t bother as a result. It’s hard, it’s confusing, and pizza is delicious, right? But according to fitness experts, burning calories doesn’t have to mean killing ourselves on strange equipment at the gym…and can even be FUN! What? You can have fun losing weight? Please, tell me more!

Weed you garden for 18 minutes.

Rearrange your furniture for 14 minutes.

Go bowling for 30 minutes.

Casually riding your bike for 20 minutes.

Yoga for 20 minutes.

And if you happen to have kids or grandkids? Play with them for 23 minutes, carry an infant for 24 minutes, or push a stroller for 35 minutes!

The truth is that we are constantly burning calories. Every single thing that we do burns calories, but in order to lose any weight, we must burn more calories than we take in each day. Focusing on activities that we can sprinkle into the day will help to reach our goals in a way that doesn’t interrupt our lives. Many people don’t exercise because they don’t have two hours to spend at the gym…but they do have 20 minutes to mop the floor and dance around the living room while they do it!

Are any of these options a good match for you?

These values are approximate and are based on a 150-pound person.


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