Her Wedding Was Canceled When She Refused To Sign A Prenup. She Invited 60 Children To The Non-Refundable Reception!

Yiru Sun is the VP at New York Life Insurance. She grew up in China with very little money. She studied in America at Princeton and obtained her PhD in electrical engineering. She knew what it meant to work her way towards a happier future. She also thought that on this day, she would be tying the knot with her fiance…but when she was pressured to sign a prenup, she canceled the wedding.5.9c4

But Yiru didn’t want to wallow in her sadness. Instead, she decided to put the nonrefundable deposit of $8,000 for the reception to good use! It was being held at the Harold Pratt House in the Upper East Side, and she had a brilliant idea. She invited guests that she knew would appreciate the experience more than her own wedding guests would have!5.9c3

Her wedding day was transformed into a “pre-Mother’s Day” luncheon for 60 needy children and their families. Yiru wore her wedding dress and put her hair into an elegant, braided updo. She might not be getting married, but that didn’t mean she had to be sad. She shared the day with people who genuinely appreciated her gesture.5.9c6

The children were given balloons, ice pops, and were able to have their faces painted in fun designs! As a single mother to a 6-year-old, she knew what the kids would like!

While the day did not turn out like she could have ever imagined, she was able to put her feelings aside and do something generous for a lot of people who might not ever have gotten the opportunity.

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