Her Wealthy Husband Decided That He Didn’t Love Her Anymore…Days Before Delivering Their First Child. Her Journey Is Inspiring!

Having a baby is one of the most stressful things that a woman can do. The hormones, the physical changes, the pain and discomfort, and the stress alone is hard enough to go through with a partner, but to go through it all and feel completely alone would drive anyone mad. This woman was 9 months pregnant and her due date was only days away. She was already rattled and emotionally drained when her husband confessed this horrifying thing…he no longer loved her. Here she is on the precipice of a life-changing event…and instead of moving forward with her husband, she suddenly found herself completely alone. I’m so glad she wrote her experience out for other mothers who may be going through the same unbelievable situation.

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The level of despair that she reached is heartbreaking. It’s hard to get through this story without shedding a tear at her sorrow. There is sadness for the loss of the future she had been dreaming about for nine years, the loss of her support, and the loss of her dreams…but after all of the trials and suffering, the future seems reachable. When she was finally able to see the joy that she could find in life – without someone who wasn’t faithful – life for her and for her son would quickly become full of happiness and purpose. Her message? You don’t need to rely on another person to find a reason to live everyday. The reason is inside of you – you just need to reach out and accept it. Do you agree with her philosophy?

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