Her True Love Died In Her Arms One Morning…But It Was The Start Of The Rest Of Her Life!

This story is all too real for some people out there. Waking up to find that a loved one has passed away in their sleep is probably up there on most people’s “top 10 worst things in life” list…and for this woman, she lived it with terrifying clarity. She had seconds to react just after she realized that something was wrong. She remembered to call 911. She remembered to lie him flat and try CPR. But she couldn’t do it on her own…

In January of 2013 my boyfriend died in my arms. I woke up early to write a paper and he was going into cardiac arrest. He stopped breathing right as I called 911. I got him off the bed and did CPR until the paramedics came bursting into our room and shocked him back to life. A week, two hospitals, and more procedures than I can count later he was finally awake, alert, and recovering from getting a defibrillator implanted in his chest. It was the first time he really was himself and I was the happiest girlfriend in the world…

The picture is of our first dance at our wedding just over a year later. That day was the best day I could ever hope to imagine. He is mine, he is healthy and he is not stuck in a bed anymore!”

While she couldn’t have foreseen the future, she can look back on that day and remember that she had been given a second chance with the love of her life. He can look back on that time and know that he has married the one woman in the world who has proven that she will never leave his side…

“For better or for worse.” They just happened to go through the “or worse” part in the beginning instead of the end.

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