Her Toddler Embarrasses Her So Badly That A Stranger Felt The Need To Pay For Her Coffee

Being a parent is a constant struggle, and as Mary Katherine Backstrom knows, even a routine stop at a coffee shop can be an adventure.

She just wanted to order a coffee and a bite to eat for her toddler, Ben, who was acting like “a dang jack in the box, completely wound up, and I am certain he’s gonna bust open any minute with some brand of crazy that I can’t control.” When she felt a breeze where there shouldn’t have been a breeze, she couldn’t believe what was happening.

It takes just a second for me to realize that my son has lifted my dress over his head, and is wearing it like a hat, with my granny panties and dimpled behind flashing for the entire world to see, but in that one second, he also spun around, and this is going to be hard to explain but: my son wrapped his head up like a dumdum with my dress and he was ABSOLUTELY WIGGING OUT because ‘MOMMY I CANT BWEEEETH!!!!’ All the while my butt is showing and the barista wants me to complete my order.” She wrote on Facebook.

Backstrom has a rather large following online, and while sometimes it is nice to meet fans of her blog in public…this was not one of those times. When she finally untangled her toddler, she turned back to the counter only to be told that a fan had paid for her order and told the barista to pass along a message: “he’s a fan.”

Well. Now I’ll always have to wonder if he’s a fan of this page, a fan of my parenting, or just a fan of that family circus that travels around Florida showing the world that no matter how bad your day is, you could always be a mom whose child got stuck in her dress, revealing her behind to an entire Starbucks.” She wrote.

He’ll probably see the post, if he’s a fan of her blog. If not, he’ll at least have a hilarious parenting story to tell at parties. The next time your toddler acts out in public, maybe you’ll get a free coffee out of it, too.

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