Her Take On What Happiness Truly Is Will Change Your Life. Wow.

Everyone’s pain is their own and it can be hard to move past it when it’s still so fresh in our minds. Tragic things happen everyday that we have to deal with and try to overcome. Our lives seem like a constantly search for that illusive happiness, but when we find it, we hold onto it as hard as we possibly can. Happiness is beautiful, and the sometimes the journey to finding it can be even more so. This woman learned in a way she never expected.


My mom used to say that “there will always be someone with more stuff than you, and there will always be someone with less than you. It’s about¬†how¬†you live that truly matters.” Because of this way of thinking, we would spend the first Saturday of every month visiting the elderly neighbors that lived on our street. We would stay up late on Friday nights watching movies and baking cookies to bring to them, and on the days that we knew we couldn’t spare the time, we would bring them leftovers from dinner and schedule the next afternoon visits. As a kid, I hated these visits (aside from the whole baking cookies part) but now I can see why my mother insisted of keeping this tradition going long after we had grown up and moved out.

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