Her Table Was So Rude, They Brought Her To Tears. An “Angel In Disguise” Completely Changed Her Night.

“I served one of the worst tables today. There aren’t enough adverbs for how they acted.” Elissa Walther began.

Being a server at a restaurant is already a tough job, but when the customers decide to make it even tougher, it can easily ruin an already difficult workday. Her table had brought her nearly to tears, all while claiming that she¬†was the problem. Thankfully, a man was seated at a table nearby and witnessed a lot of the interaction. He could tell right from the start that the people were “jerks,” and wanted to try and make his server’s day better.

When she came over to take his initial drink order, she ended up bursting into tears. He immediately handed her this note and told her to “take a few minutes” to herself.

She went to the back and burst into tears for a second time, only this time, they were happy.

Like your pens, people come in all colors, nice, rude, and sometimes jerks. Don’t let them ruin your day. Now have dinner sometime on the nice people. Have a great shift. Your new friend.’ He wrote.

When she came back to take his order, he apologized for the rudeness of the other table. He made her laugh, ate his meal, and left a 500% tip to help her get over the terrible day.

People like that are gifts, and I am humbled and so thankful for his light, kindness, and generosity in ways that went far beyond monetary.” She wrote.

Treat people in the way that you would want to be treated. The world would be a much nicer place if everyone lived by those words.

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