Her Son Was Having Trouble On A Long Flight…What The Flight Attendant Did Is Going VIRAL!

Have you ever had the pleasure of flying with a toddler on a plane? It can be a difficult thing to handle, especially for the parents. The child is bored, cranky, tired, hungry, and anxious all at the same time! If the toddler is in a bad mood, you can say goodbye to a peaceful flight. This can be an annoyance for other passengers, but it is so much WORSE for the parent! The sense of helplessness can be overwhelming, but for this family, their concerns were met with the smiling eyes of Anisse, a wonderful attendant who made their trip unforgettable.

Dear Southwest, I’m hoping you can share this post so that I can be sure that it finds its way to a very special Southwest flight attendant. All I know about her is that her name is Anisse.

My husband and 9 month old son were flying from Fort Lauderdale back home to Islip, NY on 12/28. This was my son’s first trip so we weren’t sure how things would go.

Anisse went above and beyond to make sure that the trip went as smoothly as possible. I have NEVER had a flight attendant as kind and as helpful as she was.

My son adored her and kept looking for her as she passed by. At one point, she saw that he was looking for her and getting ancy so she came and picked him up and walked up and down the aisle with him while my husband and I ate our lunch.

Although this may not be a story that stands out from the rest, I wanted to thank her and let her know how appreciated she is. We so often hear about the negative things going on so I wanted to share this story of a someone who made my trip a little brighter. Please help this get to her!”

-Heather Gooch


It didn’t take long for Anisse to find the post – it had gone VIRAL overnight! Her friends and family were passing the story along to all of their friends and family, hoping that Southwest would see the post and give her credit for her amazing service.

She replied as soon as she saw it, amazed at the amount of people who appreciated what she had done for them.

Y’all are going to make me cry!!!
Lol it was truly my pleasure and he made MY day!!

I tell adults all the time on my flights, children are doing exactly what they are supposed to do….make noise!

Think about it, the aircraft is completely boring to them (after takeoff) and there’s nowhere to run!

I would honestly rather hear them make noise and even cry than to hear an adult whine!

They have soooooo much to talk about and mom and dad deserve a break!”

—Anissa Brownsugar Charles”

When the post went VIRAL, more and more parents began commenting on the wonderful job that Anissa does as a flight attendant. Kelley DuBach shared this with Anissa. You can tell that this jovial flight attendant really cares about the people on these flights because her reply is equally enthusiastic!


The next time you have a flight with a frustrated toddler, remember the kind words of Anisse, and have a little patience! This is such a sweet story!

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