Her Son Noticed A Veteran With No Legs Digging Through A Trash Can And Said THIS Out Loud!

Nine out of ten times, kids don’t know when they shouldn’t say something out loud. They have no filter, and they don’t really care what anyone around them will think about what they’ve said. They are naturally curious and almost nothing will keep them quiet if they have a burning question. In this case, this kid’s mom had to share the story on Facebook after he asked her this question. The lesson he learned that day is invaluable.


With all of the help available to veterans, I do hope that this man is able to get help and get his life back on track with the assistance of all of these caring strangers. It’s true, he is a “gentleman hero” and deserves a lot more than $50 of groceries from the people that he lost limbs to protect. I realize that in her post, this mom stated that she didn’t want to share the story for any recognition, but I feel that a post like this will inspire more people to reach out and help those around them. The actions of this woman should be celebrated, and if everyone could do what little that they could afford, we would all be better off for it.

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