Her Son Had Severe Allergies, But One Restaurant Manager Decided To Go The Extra Mile!

Holly’s son, Isaac, was born with severe food allergies. When he was only 4 months old, his doctors confirmed that he was allergic to tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, and eggs. His allergies were life-threatening, meaning that every time he was around food, he and his parents had to be extra vigilant.

This made things like going to restaurants impossible. It made going on family vacations a challenge, too. They wanted to enjoy their time together, but it was harder to ensure that all of his food was safe to eat. As a result, Isaac had never been able to order food at a restaurant…until now!

Mom heard a rumor that there was a restaurant in Florida that might be able to accommodate her son. She called ahead and spoke with a manager and listed off her son’s allergies. To her shock, the manager said that there was absolutely no problem for them to serve her son a meal! He explained that the restaurant boasted a separate section in the kitchen that was used precisely for guests with food allergies and even had a menu that listed the items they could serve that catered to different allergies!

The family made the 30 minute drive to the restaurant, LuLu’s, and Isaac was able to order his own meal for the first time in his life. To make the story even sweeter, the manager went out of his way to make her son feel special, checking on him multiple times throughout the night.

Mom says that from now on, their family vacations will include a stop at this restaurant for their incredible kindness!

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