Her Son Gave Her An Incredible And Expensive Present, But When She Did THIS With It, He Was Stunned!

“It’s the thought that counts,” is usually what people say after receiving a gift that they don’t fully appreciate. Buying presents for someone can be hard sometimes. Even if we know them really well, that can sometimes make it even more difficult to pick out something that they will enjoy. I usually stick to useful presents, or gifts that I know they can use with something they already own. Well, for these three sons, while they certainly had good intentions, their gifts fell a little bit…flat.


Oh, no! It sounds like her son forgot to¬†explain¬†his gift! What did he do, just mail it to her without any explanation? Perhaps he sent a letter, forgetting that she can’t read with her bad eyesight. If these brothers were just trying to one-up each other, they have all done a terrible job. I can’t decide what’s worse…the fact that she wrote to all of them just to tell them that she hated their presents, or the fact that she ate an intelligent parrot. Yikes, mom, yikes.

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