Her Small Request Went VIRAL After She Posted This Heartbreaking Picture Of Her Teenage Cousin!

Last year, Rebecca took a picture of her cousin celebrating her 18th birthday alone. She was sitting at a decorated table in an empty bowling alley, eating the cake meant for her friends, wearing a party hat all on her own. She had sent invitations out to her friends, family, and people at her school, but not a single one showed up. She waited and waited, crying into her birthday cake. She had planned to have a fun afternoon of bowling and celebration, but her dreams were crushed.

My cousin is a beautiful young woman who will always have the mind of a child…she was beyond sad. She was hurt.”

Rebecca posted this picture one year later, asking for help. She wanted to flood her cousin’s mailbox with birthday wishes from around the country. What she didn’t count on was her post absolutely EXPLODING across social media. She didn’t put a specific date, only that her cousin’s birthday was in July. Already, gifts and cards have been pouring in – more than anyone expected – and that her cousin is overjoyed with the love and attention she has gotten.

The cards have more than made up for the girl’s last birthday party, which she hopes will be a bit more attended than last year.

While she may never get to do things that other people her age will do, her family can rest easy knowing that there are people in the world who care about their daughter.

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