Her Quinceañera Cost Dad A Jaw-Dropping $6 MILLION In Texas. Now THAT’S A Party!

When a young girl turns 15 in Hispanic cultures, a large party is thrown to celebrate becoming a young woman. A dinner, procession, dance, and gifts are quite common for most parties, but 9 Rolls Royce’s and performances by Pitbull and Nick Jonas are definitely not. Maya Henry may have just hosted the largest and most elaborate quince…ever.

8.1a7Her makeup was done by Patrick Ty (the same makeup artist used by Kim Kardashian) and the photography was done by Donna Newmann (the same photographer for Michelle Obama). The party was planned by 150 individual planners, and the venue was decorated with thousands of little paper and crystal butterflies hanging from the ceilings and thousands of fresh flowers in lavish arrangements.8.1a4The events of the evening lasted 6 hours, but the party went on well into the night for the 600 guests. The family arrived in a parade of 9 Rolls Royces, and dad was the first to post the pics on Instagram (understandably). 8.1a9Maya arrived accompanied by a traditional mariachi band and the cheers of her friends and family. The production was lavish and the performances were incredible.8.1a5She posed with the artists who gave a private concert just for her, but she isn’t a stranger to meeting celebrities. Her wealth has opened a lot of doors, and she has gone backstage at many concerts to meet her favorite performers.
8.1a6 This party is one of the biggest that the world has ever seen, spending more on one night than many people will ever make in a lifetime.
8.1a8It’s no surprise that the pictures are going viral! It’s a night that she will never forget!

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