Her Patient Needed ONE Thing Desperately, But She Couldn’t Get It For Him…Then She Found THIS On His Bedside! Grab Your Tissues!

Nurses are incredible people. They go about their days with such professionalism in the face of sickness, death, and heartbreak, yet they still manage to keep it together and put on a brave face. They know that they are sometimes all these patients have to rely on, and they take this duty very seriously. When this nurse realized what her patient was asking of her, she had to try her best not to break down! I can’t imagine being in this situation! It’s too much!

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This happens too often to good people! We say things we don’t mean and make mistakes that we can’t take back. Sometimes these words and actions can cause terrible heartache without a clear way as to fix the real problems in our relationships. When one person cuts off contact or some heated words are allowed to fester, it can drive a wedge between families and friends. So what do we do to smooth things over? Don’t wait to talk to your loved ones when things aren’t going well. It can be scary and it can be stressful, but losing someone without having the chance to fix the problems that have come between is always, always worse.

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