Her Parents Love Pasta So Much That They Named Their Baby After A Chain Restaurant

The baby girl, due to be born in the next few days, is already making headlines thanks to the story behind her unique name, and its kind of adorable. While her parents aren’t naming her after a never-ending pasta bowl or a basket full of famous bread sticks, the baby girl’s name-to-be has gone viral. Her parents have chosen to name her after one of their favorite restaurants: Olive Garden. They’ve gone on many dates to the Italian restaurant, and have even taken part in the promotions to eat as much pasta as they could ever hope to eat. Introducing the arrival of their cutest family member…The hilarious plan came with a customized onesie, and the parents are taking criticism in stride. To people that say the newborn will be made fun of “for the rest of her life,” they had this to say:

Just so we’re clear she’s not named DIRECTLY after O.G. or we would have stuck with Olive!” He wrote.

Olivia is still pretty close! They considered naming her Olive…but in the end, they decided that Olivia would be a less subtle way to remember that special time in their lives.

And besides, who doesn’t love delicious pasta? Hopefully baby Olivia loves it just as much as her parents.

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