Her Parents Gave Her An Early Birthday Present For One Heartbreaking Reason: They Were Getting Divorced.

Her birthday was still a short while away, but her mother gave her a gift that she hadn’t been expecting. Inside of the unassuming grey box was a necklace. The popular plate style had three gems embedded into it, and at first, it seemed like a standard gift for a young girl of 15. When her mother explained what the necklace was and what it represented, however, Devin Petit was brought to tears.
The small plate had been custom made from her mother’s wedding ring. The diamonds had been worn for years, the plate had been a symbol of love, and the gift had been made specially for her.

Her parents had decided to divorce, but they knew that while everything else had failed, they had one success story: their daughter.

Instead of selling the ring, her parents decided to have it made into a symbol. Their daughter was the best thing that had come from their time together and agreed that she deserved to keep the ring in a form that she could remember and pass down in the decades to come.

This tradition came as a surprise to many people, and others chimed in to share that they had been given similar gifts in the past! Re-shaping the rings of a failed marriage into a symbol of hope for the future helped many children to process their changing families, and they hope that the tradition can become more widely known as time goes on!

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