Her Old Entertainment Center Was Taking Up Too Much Space! She Was Going To Toss It Out…But Instead Had An AMAZING Idea!

It had a glass panel and two drawers, but not much else. She decided to follow a simple DIY and turn it into a magical play set for her toddler! It would take a bit of work and a few clever modifications, but she was sure that she could pull it off! She did a little bit of research, found some old hinges and extra door knobs. She found a bit of plywood, too! She was going to make this into the best kitchen possible!


She had to remove and replace a few hinges for her idea to work! Of course, she needed to replace the glass door with something a little more sturdy…she decided to turn that piece into a “refrigerator” instead!4.1a38

For the sink, she cut out a hole and glued a bowl inside, and for the stove, she glued on some cute foam pieces to make it look real! She added a few extra knobs, just for fun!4.1a39

Of course, why would the back be left boring and blank? She turned it into a diner! Complete with a service window, a chalk board menu, and a counter top for patron to sip their juice boxes!

This is a precious project that is just too cute!
The next time you’re about to toss out an old piece of furniture, decide if its possible to turn it into something really cool for the kids to play with! Nothing says “new favorite aunt” like an entire kitchen for a birthday present! (Seriously, you will be the “favorite” after something like this!)

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