Her Nonverbal, 2-Year-Old Son Has Autism. He Responded To Snow White In A BIG Way! Too Sweet!

Jack Jack is shy. He doesn’t speak, and he doesn’t like to meet new people. At just 2-years-old, his mother wanted to get him out to experience new things and try going out into the world and broaden his horizons. But little Jack Jack was having none of it. He didn’t like the costumes, he didn’t like the characters, and he didn’t want to take any pictures. His mother was sad…until they stumbled upon Snow White. 5.10a8

Jack Jack came alive when he saw her! He suddenly forgot that he was uncomfortable, he forgot to be shy, and he was more than happy to be cuddly and friendly with her. “He was in love,” his mother said!

The two sat next to each other while Snow White smiled and cuddled the happy little toddler. He didn’t want to leave her side, and even laid his head on her lap at one point. He couldn’t talk to her, but the smile in his eyes was more than Jack Jack’s mother could ever have asked for! She held his hand and didn’t let go until his mother said that it was time to move on.5.10a9

Two weeks after their trip, Jack Jack was diagnosed with autism, but that won’t stop him from experiencing new things and meeting new people! One of Jack Jack’s favorite things to do now is to watch and re-watch the clip from their trip, smiling every time Snow White appears on the screen! The two really do make an adorable couple!

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