Her Niece Neglected This Goldfish For Over A Year – She Was Determined To Save It

When her 16-year-old niece won a goldfish at the state fair, the girl admitted that she really didn’t want the pet in the first place. The teen had placed the fish into an impossibly small tank and had fed it every day, but she hadn’t done much else to care for it. A year and a half ago, the fish had survived…and survived…and kept living, much to the surprise of the teen. Eventually, she stopped caring altogether and decided to give the fish to her aunt. 

His tank made me so sad no filtration, just aeration, the water was dense, but my little fishy was just ‘chillen.’” She wrote.

Immediately, she took off to the pet store to ask for their advice. She’d never seen something this terrible and didn’t want to hurt the fish. The salesman advised her to replace the water slowly over time in order to let the fish slowly acclimate to the new environment. If she switched the water too quickly, the fish might end up dying from shock.

Over two weeks, she eventually upgraded her new fish to a cleaner, bigger tank! The journey was hard, but her little fish friend did very well! 

Her next plan is to buy some goldfish friends for him to play with!

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