Her Necklace Display Is A Shadowbox That She Made Herself!

Designers love shadow boxes because they are chic, attractive, and still save space when storing items…but one woman wanted to display her statement necklaces without having to buy one! They can get a little pricey, so she figured out a way to create one herself! Using an old picture frame, she attached it to a wooden box using small hinges.
The next step was to decorate the inside of the shadow box and make it functional. She inserted hooks to the top of the box for her necklaces to hang from and added cute accents to match the rest of her room’s decor.Just look at how cute the final product turned out! She didn’t need to spend a lot to add a fun place to display her favorite pieces, and it works just like a little cabinet with a door!This idea would make a great present as you can customize it in any way! Have you ever thought about making one of these? You can find more details on this adorable project here!

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