Her Mother Opened The Door For A Crazy-Looking Man, But When She Realized WHY, She Learned The Best Lesson Of All

What is the rule in your home when someone knocks on the door or rings the bell? My front door always stays locked, and I have a window that I will look out of before I open it for anyone. The kids are only allowed to open the door if we are expecting company. At any other time, they have to wait for me to open it instead. You can never be too careful.

This kid opened the door before checking to see who it was and found herself face to face with a scary looking stranger! Whether they knew who he was or not, I hope mom had a tough talk about safety after this encounter!


In this case, something amazing happened from this mother’s kindness. People may be having a hard time in life, and one day it may be you looking crazy, begging for food from strangers. Although I am all for helping out those in need, I would still be so angry at my kids if they opened the front door for someone that they didn’t know! This story made me happy AND sad for that exact reason. Happy that this mom took the time to believe in someone, but sad that she didn’t also explain not to just open the front door to anybody. It wasn’t meant to be a part of the moral, but I can’t help feeling like they should have addressed that bit as well.

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