Her INSTANT Kitchen Upgrade Only Uses ONE Item! It’s So Easy!

Landee’s feelings about her kitchen could have easily been said by any one of us about our own:

It’s a nice functional kitchen, yes, but what was in there that made me want to hang out in there? Oh, that’s right. Nothing,” She wrote on her blog.

A lackluster design or outdated cabinets can easily cause us to lose excitement about spending time in it. Cooking seems to take longer. Cleaning seems to do no good…and its all because our kitchen might not look its best.

She started by moving everything off of the counters, and even removed the light socket covers in preparation. For this project, you don’t need to do much preparation at all. She painted her walls grey, but this step is optional for the rest of us.10-25a9Next, she purchased enough sheets of patterned vinyl to cover the entire area, taking care to match the edge up and trim away excess designs. She chose vinyl instead of paint and stencils because vinyl is simple to attach and peels off easily!
10-25a10After carefully placing each vinyl, her kitchen looked completely different. She still has many more upgrades to make, but completing the backsplash was a huge step towards her goal!10-25a11It’s simple, clean, and best of all? It’s so EASY! Anyone can do this in their own home, and the finished look is stunning! What do you think of this simple kitchen makeover? You can find more details here!


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