Her Husband Was Exhausted From A 3 Day Drill With The Army Reserves…But He Did THIS As Soon As He Got Home

Amber Macias saw her husband flip their laundry basket upside-down in front of the fireplace and knew that it was an important moment. He plugged in his laptop and sat on the living room carpet, uncomfortable, but determined to get some work done. You see, while her husband is in the Army Reserves, he also has another goal: to earn his Bachelor’s degree. No matter how many nights he has to sit in front of his makeshift desk and study, he’ll get it done.He has been sacrificing his time and energy for his country for over 16 years, but he won’t let the commitment get in the way of continuing his education either. To further both himself and his family, he does what he needs to do in order to succeed.

If that means sitting on the ground to use the dirty laundry basket as a desk, he’ll do it.

He is an inspiration and I’m so lucky he’s mine!” Amber wrote.

He was tired after a 3 day drill with the Army Reserves, but he wasn’t deterred. He immediately sat down to catch up on his work for his classes…and that was a moment worth documenting forever! Thousands of people have shared his story, and it is motivating others. It’s never too late to follow your dreams, and her husband is the perfect example.

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