Her Husband Passed Away…And She LOST The Luggage That Held His Keepsakes! Can YOU Help?

Losing your luggage is a frustrating thing – especially when you’re on your way TO a trip. When you’re on vacation, it can be a serious nuisance, but many times it is possible to only spend a small amount of money and build up a passable temporary wardrobe without the luggage. On a business trip, this can be quite devastating because of the tight schedules…this is why many business travelers use a carry-on only. 

But what happens if you’ve ridden the train and lost your luggage? In this woman’s case, she merely grabbed the wrong suitcase. It looked like hers from the outside, but when she arrived home, she realized that the suitcase she had grabbed was not hers!


Why is this story going VIRAL? Jo had just finished packing mementos from her life with her late husband. Photographs, keepsakes, and letters were all packed lovingly in this unassuming trunk. It wasn’t the end of the world to discover that it was missing, but it was an extra sadness that she didn’t need at the time. 

Losing a loved one is already hard. Losing things that were special to them can be hard, too. Using this trending hashtag, they are searching for the missing suitcase! They believe the case belonged to a young woman. They are hoping that the power of social media will help them reunite in the near future! I wish them all the best!



Remember: to avoid things like this in your own travels, tie a bow to the handle of your case! ESPECIALLY if you’ve packed a generic black suitcase! YOU may remember what your case looks like…but someone else (who may be in a hurry) might confuse it for theirs if they aren’t paying attention! A bright bow will deter even the busiest of travelers because they are sure to notice it!


The brighter, the better!

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