Her Husband Laid Uncomfortably For 20 Minutes Just To Get The BEST Picture He’d Ever Taken

While vacationing in Barbados, this couple just wanted to relax on the beach…but her husband had other ideas! While they were drying off in the sun, he looked down and spotted an adorable little crab scuttling into a hole that it had burrowed into the sand. There were a lot of similar holes around the beach, but this was the only one that he knew for sure had a crab in it.

It gave him a fun idea…

He grabbed the small umbrella from his drink and set it up just outside of the little crab’s hole and waited. He positioned his phone just right and kept the camera on. It was draining his phone’s battery, but he didn’t care. He was determined to get “the perfect shot.”

He waited, and waited, and waited…
And finally, after 20 minutes, the crab emerged from its hiding place and made an appearance. He snapped as many pictures as he could to make sure he got the shot, and this one turned out to be the best!Just a little crab enjoying the sunshine on his “front porch, the ocean!”

The picture went viral, and for three years it circulated the internet on lists of “most adorable creatures,” but recently, it has made a comeback! Who doesn’t love this excited little crab enjoying some fun in the sun?

Seconds later, it vanished again, but it had all been worth it.

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