Her Husband Claimed To Have The BEST BBQs On The Block…She Has A MUCH Different Story…

Stereotypes are everywhere, and when I read this story, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the earlier days of my marriage! This mindset was much more prominent only a few decades ago, but now it’s more of a quirky “battle of the sexes” that leads to funny stories like this one! I can’t imagine anyone truly getting away with this in real life, but hey, this is the internet, where everything is always true…


HA. Now I must ask you…have you ever hosted a BBQ and NOT gotten help from everyone who arrived? My kitchen is usually overrun with my helpful girl friends while the guys clean the grill and set up the patio. They might have some beers in their hands…but if they think we don’t have glasses of wine in ours, they are CRAZY! Thankfully, society has moved on from that “perfect housewife” mentality of the 50s, it just still gets a good laugh out of me! Whether you work full-time or take care of the kids at home, a BBQ is a huge event, so plan accordingly! My favorite tip? Have everyone bring a dish! No need to waste time cooking those sides – just heat them up in the oven!

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