Her Fiance Makes An Insane Demand…The Worst Part? She Has Already Started To CONSIDER It!

Parents around the world have picked up on this story and are absolutely outraged that this woman would even dare to consider her boyfriend’s outrageous demand on her life. We get that sometimes people will do some bold things in the name of love, but we’re talking about things like getting matching tattoos or signing a lease together a week after starting to date. No, this woman’s story is making peoples’ skin crawl, and when you realize that she’s serious? WOW.

It starts off with a rather innocent plea to Dear Wendy, an advice columnist. A divorced mother finds love after heartbreak with a man who should have known what it felt like to go through a divorce with children. …Yeah, nope.

My boyfriend already proposed to me, but, one month after proposing, he wants me to give up seeing my son,” she writes.

She already sees her son every other weekend due to custody agreements, but her boyfriends wants a “fresh start” since he never sees his daughter. But the worst part? She isn’t heartbroken over cutting her son out of her life…she only cares that her parents will care!

I’m actually prepared to give up my son after marriage, but my boyfriend wants me to do it right now. I want to be with my boyfriend and yet I can’t bear to let my parents feel sad because of their illnesses. I also have a mother’s guilt in me because my son loves me so much.”

Wait. What?!

The letter to Dear Wendy instantly went viral along with Wendy’s chilling response to the woman:

Yeah, no s**t you have “mother’s guilt.”

But she doesn’t stop there.

Shame on you. Are you so lonely and so desperate for a husband that you would cast away your own child? Apparently so. Please, please get yourself to therapy and figure out what the f**k is wrong with you that you would behave in such an appalling, disgraceful way. I’m not even touching on your parents. That you would use them and their illnesses as the main reason to maybe keep seeing your son occasionally speaks volumes. Get help.”

The woman’s “dilemma” has parents everywhere outraged that not only does this man exist, but that a mother would actually go through with it. What do YOU think?!

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