Her Fiance Dumped Her In A TEXT Message! This Is How She Retaliated.

Brenna Clanton was preparing for her future. Running a hair salon and waxing studio made her one busy lady, but she was prepared to juggle everything to be with her fiance and start a life together.

He, however, didn’t think she was worth the effort.

In a text message, he told her that he didn’t think they had anything in common and broke off the engagement! Big news like that should always be shared in person – or at the very least, over the phone – but he chickened out and decided that cold black and white text was good enough. He disrespected her…so she decided to shoot back! What he didn’t know? She had purchased tickets to the Cowboys-Lions game and had scored really amazing seats! She had booked a nice air BnB and was gearing up to give it all to him as a Christmas present! Instead, she made this poster to carry around at the game and went with her best friend to start fresh.

Avid sports fans were quick to praise her, saying that her fiance was a coward…and who dumps a girl who buys tickets to the game?!

Others think she should have kept her private life private…

The rest of the world thinks she deserves an ice cold beer and a round of applause for fighting back! If he didn’t want to talk to her, she’d find a way to make him listen! Rumor has it, he watched the game and saw her holding the sign on national TV! (We really hope that one is true!)

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