Her Fiancé Broke Up With Her And Her Credit Card Was BLOCKED. The Rep Sent THIS After The Ordeal.

Christina Grady wasn’t having the best month of her life. Her fiancé broke off the wedding and cut her out of his life on the day that their wedding invitations were printed. Christina moved out and got a new place, but when she ordered furniture to be delivered to the new address, her credit card with Capital One was cancelled due to “suspicious activity” since the purchase was a large one and the new address didn’t match.

She called and began to explain the situation to the service representative, Tonya, that her fiancé broke up with her and she had moved. All she expected was for the address to be updated and the card re-instated…but Tonya did so much more. They started to joke and talk as if they had been friends for a while when suddenly, Tonya just said “Girl, I am giving you 4,500 free miles. Go on vacation. Take so many pictures of yourself all happy and post them all over that Instagram.”

It was only about $45 in free miles, but Christina decided that she would take a trip to Belize (the wedding location that had already been paid for) and asked Capital One if they would send Tonya. (Still no word on this!)

But 5 days later, she got a text from her ex. Someone had sent flowers to HIS house with a sealed envelope.

Who would be so bold?”


She drove to the house and picked up the bouquet while he was at work…it was from Tonya. Tonya sent the flowers to HIS house on purpose so that he would see them.
9-16a2Capital One says that this is exactly the kind of thing that they want their customer service reps to look out for and try to do on a daily basis!

Now, when Christina has a bad day, she asks herself: “What would Tonya do?”


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