Her Favorite Toys Were Stolen. An Officer Brought One On An ADVENTURE Before Returning It!

Evie loved playing with her toys; a dragon and a dinosaur. Everyone in the area could have easily seen her playing make believe on her front porch, so when her dad discovered the CCTV footage of a woman stealing them on her way home, he was shocked. The woman walked by their home, saw the toys on the front porch…and swiped them without a second thought!

The family reported the theft and it caught the eye of one Officer Robert Bagley, who happened to recognize the woman in the footage. He checked out the places he had seen her and was glad to find one of the toys abandoned on the sidewalk.
He found the toy dragon at 2 a.m. and didn’t want to disturb the family so late. Instead, he took the little dragon on as a partner and documented their adventures! They said hello to the local fire department, played with his new badge, and even took a trip to the gym!While the “big green dinosaur” is still missing, Evie is happy to at least have one of her favorite toys back! The story has since gone viral, with people commending the officer on his hilarious antics. They hope that the news will convince the thief to return the toy soon.Evie is glad for now – and other neighbors are now on the lookout! Hopefully her second toy will be found soon!

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