Her Father Sent Her Flowers Every Year On Her Birthday For Years After He Died. This Year Was The Last.

At the young age of 16, Bailey Seller found herself heartbroken when her father passed away…but she had no idea that the man she looked up to had planned ahead for the next 5 years.

He knew that his cancer would most likely take him before he could watch his daughter grow up, and in case he was right, he decided to arrange for flowers and a personal card to be delivered every year on her birthday. It was as much as he could do from beyond the grave, but he had no idea just how many people he would inspire with his incredible sentiments. 

When she opened the card, she discovered that these flowers would be the last gift from her father. The heartbreaking realization caused her to share them with her friends and family, but she had no idea that so many people would find her story.

Miss you so much daddy,” She wrote while sharing the last card she would ever receive from her father.

Nearly 2 million people resonated with her story.
In his own heartbreak, knowing that he wouldn’t be there to watch his daughter grow up, he wanted to do as much as possible to help her stay strong. With his last words written lovingly across the page, he gave her what he probably hoped was an inspiring farewell.

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