Her Father Passed Away…She And Her Sister Decided To Do THIS In His Memory!

Losing a loved one is always difficult. And “difficult” is hardly the right word for it, either. It’s so much deeper than that. It’s as if someone came into your life and ripped a hole into it. The loss is palpable. The pain is so real that it can have a physical toll. And yet people use that word, “difficult.”

For some, like this grieving daughter and her sister, losing their father was impossible. They decided to do something to honor his memory. After poking around the internet for inspiration, they finally decided that this would be the closest thing they could get to keep him close to their hearts.


My Dad passed away, we made my sister this necklace in his handwriting.”

It’s a new trend that has quickly picked up traction! People who have lost can send in the last things that their dearly departed have written and have it made into wearable jewelry. We’ve seen tattoos of this style before. Parents get their children’s last written words tattooed onto their arms, or children get their parent’s or sibling’s “love you’s” tattooed onto their wrists. But this is new and beautiful and perfect.


And it’s so easy. You send in a picture of the words you want immortalized, and people will make it happen. In gorgeous silver and gold, to wear and keep close to your heart.


Paper will degrade and get ruined as time goes on. The words left behind might get lost. But these sisters had the right idea, and it is a gorgeous way to remember their father! How sweet!

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