Her Family Couldn’t Afford A Horse, So She Trained Her COW Instead!

Horses are expensive. That’s what Hannah Simpson’s family told the 11-year-old girl when she begged them for a horse. She wanted to train a horse of her very own to jump and eventually participate and compete in show-jumping. But when they explained that they just wouldn’t be able to give her what she wanted, Hannah took matters into her own hands and began to look for the next best thing: a dairy cow.The New Zealand girl, now 18, says it all began when her brother dared her to jump onto the six-month-old calf. Hannah did, and the young cow, Leila, didn’t seem to find the extra weight uncomfortable.

The pair go on daily rides, and Leila loves to jump. When she was just a calf, she taught herself to jump out of the cow shed, too!

We started her off with stepping over logs and it just got bigger and bigger.” Hannah said.

While she has attempted to jump on other cows, none respond as well as Leila does. She’s just special!

As the story went viral, people were quick to point out that she isn’t hurting the cow. Maybe it might be better for her to sit on the cow’s shoulders instead of behind them like one would on a horse, one commenter said, but if the cow didn’t want to jump, she wouldn’t budge an inch.

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