Her Ex-Husband Wrote Her A Letter When They Got Divorced. What He Had To Say Is…WOW.

After twenty years of marriage, they never expected to be standing in a courtroom to finalize their divorce. They had 3 kids together, millions of memories, and they were hesitant to start new lives on their own. They sat down and decided that this would be the best thing to do for everyone involved, and even though it was terrifying, they did it anyway. With most separations, the looming question is “well, now what?” He tries to answer that question with a heart felt letter to his now ex-wife, and she was so touched that she just HAD to share it on social media!


The best part about this letter is that he doesn’t blame her for what drove them apart, but instead he thanks her for standing by him even when it was incredibly hard to do. He acknowledges that his actions didn’t help their situation, and he writes this letter (I believe) to help himself move on more than anything else. While it is a very tragic thing to read, I can feel the hope in it, as well. They believe that they will be better people with this one monumental decision, and after reading this letter, I think they will be just fine on their own!

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