Her Dress Followed The Dress Code, But That Didn’t Stop Faculty From Making Her Miss 3 AP Exams

At Tom C. Clark High School in Texas, the principal deemed Sophia’s dress “too short,” even though it met all of the school’s dress code requirements, and pulled her out of her higher-level classes until she was brought a change of clothes. Sophia missed 3 exams in advanced classes as a result. Sophia called her mother, Rosey, in tears, trying to explain the embarrassing situation, and her mother decided to fight back.

On her way to confront the principal, Rosey saw this boy in the parking lot walking to class. She snapped a picture, blurred out his face, and intended to make her point clear.
The dress’s length was, in fact, appropriate according to the rules, but the principal refused to budge. Male students are allowed to wear shorts, but female students are not, and Rosey was sick to see other male students walking around in similar fashion as it was extremely hot outside.

When Rosey defied the principal, she was escorted out by campus police, being told by the principal to “call her husband to come back and take care of this.” 

The male student in the picture was uncomfortable with having his picture taken, but agreed that the application of the dress code rules is outdated and varies depending on the personal beliefs of the person enforcing them in the moment. He suggested that she gather other parents and students and take her outrage to a PTA meeting as he also agreed that the rule needs to go. He also clarified that he was on his way to the gym and changed before going to class, but that other male students dress in the same way and are rarely forced to change.

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