Her Door Was Boring, So She Decided To Jazz It Up In Just Minutes!

Renting an apartment or house can be frustrating. You are very limited to how much you can do with the stark white walls and the doors are often hollow core and, you guessed it, white. Landlords say you can’t drill holes or paint, and it makes the living spaces feel cold and impersonal. That’s why one designer decided to take matters into her own hands to find a way to give her plain white doors a splash of fun that could easily be removed once she left.

The boring doors were just begging for a geometric pattern, and after a bit of thought and a little measuring, she decided to try a design out of black washi tape – a form of tape that last a while and removes easily.10-26a11She made sure to apply it as evenly as possible, removing bumps and air bubbles as she went along. She cut the corners to be perfectly square, and added the designs to every door in the house. The black and white contrast goes perfectly with the other decorations in her home, and while she can’t replace or paint the door knobs, it’s easy to ignore them.10-26a12You can find more details about the project here! What do you think of this new trend using black tape and cheap vinyl to change the look of furniture and appliances?


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